AsiaMoves is our very own dedication to upport the First Lady’s Let’s Move Campaign.  What better way to get fit than dance away? Started in 2010, the same year as the National Campaign Kick Off, AsiaMoves is a dance project aim at using Asian beats and styles to motivate everyone to get moving and get healthy while having fun.  Each year since its inception, we have presented easy to follow choreography to catchy tunes for everyone to learn and dance to it during our Fiesta Asia street organized dance sessions.  (Or what used to be Flash mobs!) All our tutorials and past dances are available online at our YouTube channel.

 2016 brings great new excitement – teaming up again with our fabulous partner, DOONYA and our new AsiaMoves Ambassador Spotlight Studio, we are presenting Punjabi Wedding Song – a ridiculously catchy Bollywood show tune.  We guarantee unbridled fun and sweat to all while learning this number.  All you have to do to participate is to learn the routine online through our tutorial and come out on May 21st at 1pm on Pennsylvania Ave NW to join us!

Date: Saturday May 21, 2016

Time: 1:00pm sharp; Prep Time: 12:45pm

Location: Front of East Stage – Pennsylvania Avenue NW & 3rd St NW

Dress Code: Bollywood Chic; Your Team Jersey; Orange & Yellow; Actually Everything Goes!

Invite your friends, family, colleagues, neighbors, children and pets! Both groups & individuals are absolutely welcome! We also welcome schools inquiries, especially those who want to participate with children and need one of our AsiaMoves Ambassadors to come out and coach the classes.

JIGGLE, SHIMMY and SWEAT with AsiaMoves!

Music: Punjabi Wedding Song

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