2017 Fiesta Asia Registration is Open!


2017 Fiesta Asia Applications are live online!We Want YOU with us!  You can showcase your talent, pedal your ware, cook up a storm, help plan the fest, share your crafty skills; whatever that tickles your fancy! Go straight to the www.fiestaasia.org or check it out directly below!

Fiesta Asia Participation Application Links
2017 FA Street Fair Exhibitor Application
2017 FA Food Vendor Application
2017 FA Cultural Cluster Application
2017 FA Silver Spring All Purpose Exhibitor Application
2017 FA Volunteer Sign Up Sheet
Fiesta Asia Performance Application Links
2017 Cultural Heritage Performance Application
2017 Contemporary Asian Talent Showcase Application
2017 Martial Arts Demonstration Application
2017 Middle Eastern Raqs Fiesta Asia Application
2017 Cultural Parade Competition Application

We Have #FiestaAsia Chocolate Again!

ChocolateHooray! Thanks to our local partner Virginia Chocolate Company, the ginger dark chocolate is making a come back this year. Yes, ginger is our choice of spice, warm and fuzzy, just like us. Hold on to your seat, there’s more.  We will be debuting 2 more local sources that will supply exclusive #FiestaAsia products.  Stay tuned for updates next week.  Let the rush lines for chocolate begin! #FiestaAsia #Weloveourchocolate #Gingeristhespice