On behalf of our hardworking crew and participants, we thank you for supporting us through our 2020 Fiesta Asia 2.0 A Virtual Heritage Showcase. From 2006 till now, we have been consistently fulfilling our mission – that is to share, celebrate and promote the diversity of Asian Heritage and culture through the arts, traditions, education, cuisine and way of life. Never more so than now. We are in this together. There has been plenty of challenges along the way, yet the rewards are bountiful. Even in these trying times, we pirouetted with grace. Can’t celebrate Asian Heritage Month on the streets? No problem, we bring it to you online. It took 2 weeks to produce what should have taken at least a year. While May is over, we are not going anywhere. Our new online content initiatives will continue. We are in the works for newer & exciting programming in the near future, so stay tuned and stay with us. Follow us on our social media @fiestaasia.  Engage us, communicate with us, get to know us and the people around you. No one is an island. We are all connected. Until the next time we can be on the streets again, enjoy the good old days of Fiesta Asia Street Fair through our online content. Be Calm. Be Kind. Be Bold. Be Loving. Is. That. Simple.


The Asian American Center of Frederick is helping their community in need. For only a $5 donation,  you can help buy a lunch for a person in need. The money will go to the local restaurants that are supplying the lunch. It is a great community program that benefits everyone. Please support the Asian American Center of Frederick's Efforts!



If you missed the announcements during our show series,  DO NOT FRET.  The chance to win $100 cash prize and restaurant gift cards are still open to you.  All you have to do is WATCH OUR SERIES. Collect all 6 questions & answers from episode 3 to episode 8 and email it to us at  Submission deadline is Monday June 15th at 10pm. All the episode links can be found below.  Let the binge watching begin!
Be sure to watch all our previous episodes right here. That's the path to winning $100 cash prize!

Our greatest strength has always been in celebrating the arts. Whether it is cultural or contemporary,  there are many talents simply waiting to be seen and heard.  Check out the performance clips from various artists. Revel in the richness & intricacies of cultures right from your view screens all day long! You are definitely welcome to submit your own creations too!

Support your local restaurants in these times of need.  Order out directly from your favorite Asian places that are open for pick up, and delivery.  Check out our starter list & make sure we add your beloved neighborhood restaurants!

We want to recognize and honor fellow Asians who inspire you every day with their courage, kindness, actions, selflessness and dedication. Nominate the person/group that epitomize excellence and heroism to you.  Let us help highlight their contribution.

Come on an exploratory journey and unlock the many unknown facts and mysteries of the world. Share your power of knowledge with us.  Submit your fun facts now!

Learn to cook some fabulous dishes & discover many distinctive streets eats that leaves you wanting more. Have a recipe or two to share?  Let us know now!

Discover different groups that are serving the needs of our communities. Tell us who you are so we can feature you!

Pick and choose your favorite K-Pop, Bollywood, J-Pop, Silk Road Beats from our curated repertoire to keep you entertained!

Browse our community event calendar for various online intiatives. Share what is happening in your communities with us during the month of May and beyond. Want to list your events?  Sign Up Here!


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Shop at ease from the comfort of your home and discover all the cool art & crafts our vendors  have to offer! Apply Here to be included in our online marketplace!